Feeding one million people on Mars

I find that my fascination with Elon Musk’s endeavors is not universally shared when I contact a colleague from the Department of Biology. As an astrobiologist he is not at all impressed with Elon Musk. In fact, Musk irritates him. Not that he thinks Elon Musk has not done remarkable things, but what bothers him... Continue Reading →

I’m in awe of Elon Musk

How can I allow myself to be in awe of what Elon Musk does? Didn’t I read what he said about those divers who didn’t want his too complicated and beside-the-point submarine? Haven’t I read Noam Chomsky or Naomi Klein (who for some reason for me blur into the same person) and what would they... Continue Reading →


Off the coast of Finland lies an island called SuperShe. It was purchased in 2017 by Kristina Roth, who had recently sold off her $45 million company, Matisia Consultants, to “seek out something even more fulfilling” (Bloom 2018). Or as she put it more bluntly to a room of Latvian tech students during her speech... Continue Reading →

The ‘woman question’

According to Robert Crossley (2011) utopian fiction relocated from Earth to Mars towards the end of the 19th Century. By then most of Earth was mapped and the chances of finding uncharted valleys significantly reduced (ibid.:90). I bought a pile of the utopian novels referred to by Crossley. According to this literature, Mars was the... Continue Reading →

Maps: I’m doing it myself

I remind myself of my intent to explore the youtube angle further and holed up in my own little room at the writer’s retreat, I pull out my DIY equipment: a thick sketch book, four pencils H2, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a set of 24 color pencils which will turn out to be... Continue Reading →


In 2017, Queen Anastasia, the sovereign Monarc of Ruritania, hosted the biannual convent of MicroNations in Atlanta, Georgia. Ruritania is a micronation hidden an unknown place in Europe.  “Most of my citizens never even meet me” she tells the interviewer from Vice News. “They send in the application, I approve it. We also get a... Continue Reading →

The Man and the Sea

Determined to explore the youtube angle further, I have been to the high street of the little Danish village where I am holed up having secured a room of my own to concentrate and write. So far I have ‘done’ by means of shopping – I have bought drawing utensils suddenly overcome be an urge... Continue Reading →

Founders paradox

“Of the six people who started PayPal, four had built bombs in high school” (Thiel 2014: 174). Thus Peter Thiel begins chapter 14 ‘The Founder’s Paradox’ in his book Zero to One: notes on startups, or how to build the future. In this chapter, Thiel explores the differences and commonalities between the founders of PayPal... Continue Reading →

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