The Man and the Sea

Determined to explore the youtube angle further, I have been to the high street of the little Danish village where I am holed up having secured a room of my own to concentrate and write. So far I have ‘done’ by means of shopping – I have bought drawing utensils suddenly overcome be an urge... Continue Reading →

Founders paradox

“Of the six people who started PayPal, four had built bombs in high school” (Thiel 2014: 174). Thus Peter Thiel begins chapter 14 ‘The Founder’s Paradox’ in his book Zero to One: notes on startups, or how to build the future. In this chapter, Thiel explores the differences and commonalities between the founders of PayPal... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Bike

Something is beginning to bother me. Why are there only men in my stories? Why are they all middle-aged? “I think,” said my self-taught carpenter partner when I turn to him with my insistence that there is an important link between Utopia, Mars, and the founding of micronations at Sea, “I think”, said Nick, “you... Continue Reading →

“Making life multi-planetary”

Having said apocalypse, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel and thinking about the Sillicon Valley tech elite my mind jumps to Elon Musk and outer space. At the dawn of 2019 three of multibillionaires have their eyes set on space fare and are building rockets that will take some of us into space. The visions that guide... Continue Reading →

Lake Wanaka

In January 2017, news spread across the world media that Peter Thiel, multi billionaire and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, had - two years prior - purchased a 477 aches property on Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. Furthermore, he had done so without needing the approval of Oversees Investments Office – as it turned out he... Continue Reading →

Pattern Recognition

A pattern begins to appear. Something about border politics. Something about not only wanting to get something, but also about wanting to get away from something: Michael Oliver wanted to flee the America of welfare rights and civil rights. A world he felt would propel North America into socialism and chaos (Hennessy 2018). Lazarus Long... Continue Reading →

Nothing on Mars

In the summer of 2018 Mars’ surface is swept by a planet-encircling, red dust storm. Dust storms on Mars is a seasonal phenomenon. Storms begin every M-year (or two Earth years) when Mars' slightly elliptical orbit brings it in relatively close proximity to the Sun. Once every three M-years on average the storms grow and... Continue Reading →

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