Maps: I’m doing it myself

I remind myself of my intent to explore the youtube angle further and holed up in my own little room at the writer’s retreat, I pull out my DIY equipment: a thick sketch book, four pencils H2, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a set of 24 color pencils which will turn out to be... Continue Reading →


In 2017, Queen Anastasia, the sovereign Monarc of Ruritania, hosted the biannual convent of MicroNations in Atlanta, Georgia. Ruritania is a micronation hidden an unknown place in Europe.  “Most of my citizens never even meet me” she tells the interviewer from Vice News. “They send in the application, I approve it. We also get a... Continue Reading →

The Man and the Sea

Determined to explore the youtube angle further, I have been to the high street of the little Danish village where I am holed up having secured a room of my own to concentrate and write. So far I have ‘done’ by means of shopping – I have bought drawing utensils suddenly overcome be an urge... Continue Reading →

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