Who is the Left today?

I’ve been spending a couple of afternoons reading Marxism, or more specifically reading Marcuse and Kolakowski, because in the course of writing an article about how the utopian genre has changed over time, I’ve reached the phase (post world wars) where people start saying utopia is dead or has ended. Some of the people arguing... Continue Reading →

Seasteading: a ’policy-high’

The Grandson of Milton Friedman, Patri Friedman, has written a book called Seasteading in collaboration with a guy called Joe Quirk. My point is the subtitle: “How floating nations will restore the environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate humanity from politicians.” This is a serious case of what I (during a meeting... Continue Reading →


Off the coast of Finland lies an island called SuperShe. It was purchased in 2017 by Kristina Roth, who had recently sold off her $45 million company, Matisia Consultants, to “seek out something even more fulfilling” (Bloom 2018). Or as she put it more bluntly to a room of Latvian tech students during her speech... Continue Reading →


In 2017, Queen Anastasia, the sovereign Monarc of Ruritania, hosted the biannual convent of MicroNations in Atlanta, Georgia. Ruritania is a micronation hidden an unknown place in Europe.  “Most of my citizens never even meet me” she tells the interviewer from Vice News. “They send in the application, I approve it. We also get a... Continue Reading →

Lake Wanaka

In January 2017 news spread across the world media that Peter Thiel, multi billionaire and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, had - two years prior - purchased a 477 aches property on Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. Furthermore, he had done so without needing the approval of Oversees Investments Office – it turned out he was... Continue Reading →

The Principality of New Utopia

Not far from the Mexican mainland, The Principality of New Utopia has claimed the Misteriosa Bank for its territory. The Misteriosa Bank is a submerged reef an average of 20 meters – in some places less than one meter – below the current sea level. It lies in international waters and is situated on the... Continue Reading →

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