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Granted, I’ve been listening to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s latest podcast series on asteroids. This is what I learned: Asteroids are called thus because they looks ‘like Asters’ – stars – when you first see them in a telescope. But they are tiny and they move so may be identified by their movement and way… Continue Reading →

SuperShe II: feminist empowerment through shopping

I signed up to join the ‘SuperShe community’ in August 2019. The idea of the island both attracted and repelled me. I was not sure if I wanted to go so bad that I wanted to blow all my travel funding. The price for a week on SuperShe at that point was reported by Lonely… Continue Reading →

Taking other people’s money is a slippery slope

On the second day of the International Space Station Research & Development Conference 2020 I sit in on a panel related to the new space economy. It is called Investing in Space: Trends, Opportunities, and Risks. After it finishes I’m convinced I need to start buying stocks. But apart from learning a lot about investment… Continue Reading →

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