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The joy of watching successful people fail

As I begin to acquaint myself with twitter in March and April 2020, I notice one of the big stories in the twitter community ‘during corona’ is whether or not Elon Musk has really given the ventilators he promised to a hospital. It seems to send ripples of joy through the community of tweeters (are… Continue Reading →

Regarding laziness

Excerpt from piece: “If left to my own devises, I will oscillate between short spurts of intense action followed by longer periods inclined to do nothing at all. Of course, between kids and work, that is not really an option, but what I’m saying is, I’d do it if I could. But what does it… Continue Reading →

Utopiorites: SuperShe III

Granted, I’ve been listening to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s latest podcast series on asteroids. This is what I learned: Asteroids are called thus because they looks ‘like Asters’ – stars – when you first see them in a telescope. But they are tiny and move and so may be identified by their movement and way… Continue Reading →

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